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All floral arrangements are made in any colour and any flower to your choice.

Please note that all flowers are seasonal and may not be available.

Pictures should only be used as a guide.

Delivery charges apply to all deliveries

Bouquets from £20.00 (collection only)

Bouquets from £25 plus Delivery  

Hand tied bouquets from £30.00

Aqua bouquets from £30.00 (shown £45)

Basket arrangements from £35.00

Gift arrangements from £30.00


BQ11 (above)  Hostess bouquet from £40 shades of pink and white

Aqua/Handtied Bouquets

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Bouquet 1 Hand tied natural wrap of flowers tied with raffia from £25


 Bouquet 2 from £20 Collect or £25 delivery plus charge  

 2A     Bouquets from £35 any colours ava


 Bouquet 3 all white hand tied inc lillies and roses from £35

Bouquet 4 Hand tied bouquet of sunflowers  from £35


Bouquet 5 hand tied bouquet shades of pinks inc gerbra from £30



Bouquet 6 Hostess bouquet mixed flowers yellow/ orange  from £30


Bouquet 7 Hand tied Yellow/mauves/lemons inc roses and lillies £35


Bouquet 8  Hostess bouquet white/mauves and pale pink roses  from £ 35


Bouquet 9 hostess bouquet with red anthuriams and daisy chyrs from £40

Bouquet 10  Hostess bouquet shades of pinks and white from £40


Bouquet 11 Hostess bouquet pinks and mauves inc roses from £45


Bouquet 12  hostess bq shades of cerise pinks with glitter from  £45  

Bouquet 13 hand tied red roses and white lillies with million star £55


Bouquet 14 Hostess bouquet in water mixed colours from £45





Bouquet 15  modern Hostess bouquet in water inc hydrangers and liatis from £45


Bouquet 16 hostess bouquet bright from £40


Bouquet 17  modern hand tied inc yellow calla lillies white anastasia blooms yellow roses  from £45


Bouquet 18 hand tied with pink roses white lillies freesia from £45


Bouquets 19 hand tied bouquet of lilac, pale pink and cream roses

with lots of gyp million star and tulips (seasonal) from £50  


Bouquet 21 Hostess bouquet in water, Yellow white with pale blue hydranger  from £45  


bq11 pink water ball bouquet from £30 347 330